Rules & Regulations


Mahindra War Room(MWR) contest is open to bonafide students currently pursuing a two-year flagship PGP/MBA program, in the following business schools only:

  1. Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi
  2. Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi
  3. Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
  4. Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
  5. Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
  6. Indian Institute of Management, Indore
  7. Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode
  8. Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow
  9. Indian Institute of Management, Shillong
  10. Indian Institute of Management, Trichy
  11. Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad
  12. Management Development Institute, Gurgaon
  13. Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai
  14. SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai
  15. Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
  16. Symbiosis Centre for Management & Human Resources Development, Pune
  17. Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar
  18. Xavier Labour Relations Institute, Jamshedpur
  19. Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies
  20. Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad
  21. Indian Institute of Management, Ranchi


  • Note: For MWR, students from other streams such as the Part Time Program, Management Development Program, Executive MBA Program, FPM Program and not from the above listed schools, are not eligible to participate.


  1. LOGIN
  • You can login only through your official campus Id. Once you have registered your team, a password link would be sent to your campus ids.  Each team member will have a unique login id and password.


  • Participants are expected to form teams consisting of four members, from within their campus, and only from the programs cited above.
  • Teams may be formed by students in the first year, or second year or a mix of both.
  • There are no stipulations on the number of first year or second year students, or on teams of mixed composition of students from both the first and the second years.
  • Students, who are on an International Exchange program, are eligible to participate in MWR, but they must ensure that at least two, of the four members, will be available on campus to present their work, if their entry is shortlisted for the Evaluation Round.


  • Teams that are formed in adherence to the Team Constitution Rule, must duly register themselves by filling the online registration form and completing the authentication procedures at the contest site
  • Please note, that it is the team's responsibility, to ensure that the members are eligible to partake in the contest.
  • Violation of the Eligibility criteria will automatically disqualify a team and bar it from moving ahead in the contest.
  • The participating teams and other interested members are strongly advised to register themselves on the website and Facebook page, to make sure that they are up to date with the latest happenings over the next few weeks.
  • Registering yourself on the contest website (, joining Facebook page (, and following @mahindrawarroom twitter feed are three sure ways to ensure that you don’t miss out on a single detail pertaining to MWR.


  • Teams that have registered as indicated by the Team Constitution Rulemust choose ANY ONE of the Business Caselets, available on the website from the choices offered in MWR
  • It is not essential for a team to confirm the business of their choice while initially registering their team. However, the business chosen by the team, must be updated on the website, before the registration feature turns off.


  • Participating teams are expected to work on the real and live business issues faced by the Business Leaders as outlined in the business caselets, uploaded on contest website.
  • Please note that the caselets may be improved or refreshed until the date specified, but the key issues outlined will broadly remain the same.
  • Also note that as a team, in case a sector/business has given more than one caselet, you are required to attempt only one caselet of your choice. Eg: In case you opt for the Retail business, you need to work on only one of the 3 caselets that appear on the website and NOT on all 3. We are looking at the depth of issues covered rather than the width. It is recommended that each team takes up only a single caselet. Teams, who have addressed more than one caselet in a sector/business, will not get any extra weightage for doing so.
  • Some of the businesses may also provide data for students, which will then be uploaded on the contest website from time to time.
  • Participating Teams are expected to upload their presentation entries in Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote or Adobe Flash formats, with due speaker-notes and supporting material, so as to enable the Jury to make full sense of the ideas and strategies presented.
  • If the entries have a movie component that makes the presentation size too heavy, the movie may be uploaded separately with a clear comment mentioning the same, so that the Jury member knows that the movie is to be seen alongside the rest of the
  • Entries must be submitted before the deadline which will be communicated on the website and the Facebook page.
  • These pages may receive high traffic around the deadline. Hence, we request the teams to take due care and to upload their entries a few hours before the stipulated time.


  • The Evaluation Round is expected to be held in the third & fourth week of September, based on a schedule that will be worked out in coordination with the Campus Placement Representatives.
  • The students get a clear 7-8 week window, from the launch to the evaluation round, to work on their entries.
  • Due precaution will be taken, to ensure that the Evaluation Round does not clash with other student events such as tests, quizzes, submissions or other significant campus events.
  • The deadline for uploading entries is usually a couple of days before the date of Evaluation on campus.
  • Every entry uploaded will be studied by a panel comprising of senior Business leaders from the Mahindra Group. This panel will finalize whether the entry is to be shortlisted for the campus Evaluation Round or not.
  • There is no limit to the number of teams that may be shortlisted for the campus evaluation round - every team that has done a good job will be invited to present their ideas on campus. From past experience, we know that this is likely to be a Super 5 or a Super 7 or a Super 9 round on campus.
  • The Jury will shortlist Teams for presenting at the Evaluation Round based on the quality of the uploaded presentation.
  • The teams that are shortlisted for the campus finals are called Blue Tier Teams
  • Teams will be required to be present in full strength at the Evaluation Round, if they are invited to present to the Jury, unless their members are on the official International Exchange Program of the Institute, or have taken prior permission to be exempted from this round, due to emergency situations.
  • Shortlisted teams are expected to make a 20-minute presentation, in a random sequence, followed by a maximum of 10 minutes of Questions & Answers.
  • The Jury evaluates entries based on the following criteria, though this is not a number driven exercise but a more holistic exercise of spotting teams that have really got it in them to present at the Grand Finale on behalf of their campus:
    • Strategic depth of issues analyzed
    • Innovation
    • Implementability
    • Quality of analysis (Numerical and Research based analysis etc.)
    • Depth of issues covered
    • Quality of presentation
  • The shortlisting criteria will look at both the width and the depth of coverage of the issues outlined in the caselet.
  • Top 3 teams will be selected for the next round. The selection of the best teams will be based on both, the jury ratings and the audience ratings. Audience will also be rating teams on the same criteria.
  • The top 3 teams per campus which are selected for the next round are called Silver Tier.
  • The winner of the Best Presenter award will be purely based on the audience voting.
  • The Most Creative Team Name will be based on the “Spontaneous Laugh Quotient” while reading out the team names.
  • Jury members will provide feedback to the shortlisted teams and even the de-shortlisted teams, on request, during their visit to the campus. This will however be purely based on the request of the teams.
  • We encourage teams to take feedback from these experienced business leaders, and build on their future efforts with the Jury’s input.
  • These initiatives are to ensure that the Mahindra War Room learning experience remains rich and robust as ever.
  • All Silver Tier teams from all campuses will participate in the VC round where they will be classified based on the business case and they will present to the respective business’s CEO / CXO.
  • The top 8 teams in terms of evaluation score would qualify directly for the Grand Finale and would be Platinum Tier Teams.
  • The next 12 teams would qualify as Gold Tier Teams and will meet for the Jury’s Pick round on 5th November 2017. From the 12 teams, top two will get entry into the Platinum Tier for the Grand Finale.
  • For the International teams, one winner of each campus will get entry directly into the Gold Tier and compete in the Jury’s Pick round. Top presentation from the international teams would qualify for the Platinum Tier and be part of Grand Finale
  • Therefore 8 Platinum Tier Teams + 2 Teams Shortlists from Gold Tier + 1 Team Shortlist from Gold Tier (International Team), in total 11 teams compete for the Title in Grand Finale.
  • Mahindra War Room reserves the right to change the number of shortlists in any of the rounds at any point of time during the competition. There is no guarantee in terms of the number of teams at each of the stages. It’s subject to the quality of presentation as fit deemed by the senior leaders of Mahindra.


  • Grand Finale of Mahindra War Room Season 10 will be conducted on 6th of November 2017 at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai
  • We expect to complete all the Evaluation Rounds by mid-October. Thus, all shortlisted entries will get a clear 3- week window to improve and strengthen their presentation for the Grand Finale.
  • Mahindra War Room permits revision and comprehensive upgrade of the presentations after the Evaluation Round, if the participating team is deemed fit.
  • All guidelines pertaining to the Grand Finale will be provided to the respective shortlists, during the third week of October.
  • All costs pertaining to the travel to Mumbai, boarding and lodging, as well as return to the campus will be borne by the event sponsors.
  • All the teams shortlisted for the Grand Finale will take part in a one-hour interaction with Mr. Anand Mahindra during the Grand Finale.




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